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Brewing Process

a Heart to Introduce Tradition and
Succeed Tchnique from Edo Era

Enjoy Water from Nature
The basic technique to brew delicious sake was already established in the Edo era. However, people who inherited the tradition devote itself to the wrk of the sake brewing.still now.
They make malted rice (麹) with the steaming rice, and add water and yeast ferment in the malted rice and make liquor mother.
They add rice, malted rice, the water which it was sultry to this liquor
mother and ferment as Moromi (醪).

They store up fresh sake from squeezd 醪 and got in a tank and mature. The process of the sake brewing is really simple for years.
A heart to introduce tradition and succeed technique has never changed in the past.
Moromi and also liquor mother are delicate and we still pursue to improve quality and techinique with a heart from edo era.
Now it is time to enjoy our Sake.

Brewing Process

  • Rice Cleaning

It takes three days to remove 40% of protain and sugar from rice.

  • Cleansing Rice

Rice bran is removed from rice with 5 degree water with hand washing.

Cleansing Rice
  • Steaming Rice